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Individual sessions online and in person in Kyiv

We have been working since the first session!



  1 hour - 4000 UAH


  1.5 hours - 5000 UAH


  2 hours - 6000 UAH

Payment and appointment.

Training & seminars

Please write to me in private messages.

Your requests:

Any problem is a request to open a potential.

From psychosomatics to achieving goals.

Clients - adults and children from 7 years old.

Contact me, I will be glad to be of service to you!


A very warm seminar turned out)

the understanding of how you can work on such requests opened up.

Thank you )

It turned out to be a wonderful seminar! just super!

Glad to have the opportunity to study with you!

THANK YOU!!! Everything was wonderful!!!

and yes))) I would like more of your seminars.

Thank you for your heartfelt meetings and deep knowledge!)

how to find out about future seminars?

do not want to stop)))

me personally))

Endless gratitude!

The group is super! Girls from Kazan - I will take you to capture!


Very cool seminar! I got excellent knowledge and skills! The certificate has already arrived))

Thank you



Group - fire)

Yes, upon request. There is progress. A very comfortable and fulfilling state. Thanks everybody!

Thanks everyone!)

delight in the current state. Huge gratitude and warmth and love)))

Thank you for your valuable knowledge !!! Until next time

announce the price, please) I'm ready next weekend

The workshop is amazing. I was extremely happy to take part. I got a lot of useful things. Many thanks to the master Igor Borisovich, you are a pro. And the organizer Tatiana. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thanks to all participants. The field worked great.

20th of May?

I embrace everyone with my heart

Thank you very much! There was a very pleasant atmosphere, interesting elaborations in the sessions and, of course, the information was necessary and useful.

a good seminar turned out!


very valuable !!! I hug !!!

Everything in an accessible and understandable language :))))

thank you very much for the workshop! very nice, warm


: Thank you for your knowledge! All development and success !!!

Thank you, Huge Igor and all the Participants !!!!

Thanks Igor! Thank you, Adeline!

I wish everyone Freedom to the highest degree)

the world - get out of isolation☺️

: Thanks to Igor Borisovich for Knowledge, Generosity, enthusiasm! ALL !!! THANK YOU!!!

: See certificates in the mail

: received certificates)

Tanya is also very grateful

: I hope to continue cooperation with the group!)

: I hug everyone)

: Thanks a lot to Tatiana !!


: TATIANA !!!! HARRY !!!!

Thank you

Good to all))

the certificate came


I have now had my first session with a client, following the technology that was in our training. These, of course, are just miracles. So easily, simply and without strain, we discovered with the client, realized, worked and he is happy! And I'm happy! Thank you so much for this training and for this invaluable experience🙏❤️

Good day, Igor! Many thanks for the seminar in Askania! Easy to understand, clear structure, lots of demonstrations! Dmitry, Kherson, 2019


Igor Borisovich, hello!

I participated in your training at the end of July in Imaton. And I want to say thank you so much for you for the information, for the experience that you shared ... I have not received so much benefit from training for a long time!

I outlined more than 10 A4 sheets on both sides! Each phrase directly revealed important topics and gave insights! Thank you! I will also participate in your other programs - but there is no possibility online due to the time difference. And I love your integrative approach and the message about client freedom! And about the possibilities of working therapy and coaching together!

Elena, Bali, 2019



The first thing I felt was that I expressed my dissatisfaction with the director, it was on Tuesday after class

The animal fear of everyone and everything is gone

For decades my fear of expressing myself and the fear of the world have all but disappeared

Julia, seminar participant, Kiev, 2018


In my patient, I go to the square ochima, to think, to see such progress and education in life with psychologists))))


Olya, cranio-sacral therapist, participant of the seminar, Kiev, 2018

I came for a consultation with a request to eradicate from my behavior the position of a victim, which I “absorbed” from my mother from early childhood to 17 years. There was no dad in my childhood, and my mother is a kind vulnerable person, she cannot stand up for herself, solve life difficulties, complaining that everyone offends her and everything is “wrong”. In my life I am quite successful and active, but one certain “sort” of interaction associated with some pressure or manipulation of others always caused me “stupor” and a childish emotional reaction. I saw mistakes in my reactions after the fact, but I could not do anything - they were repeated over and over again. In the consultation, it became definitely clear that the problem comes from the childhood where a helpless mother "taught" me this behavior. It is amazing how soon Igor Borisovich cuts off dead-end branches of reasoning or search for reasons, directing along one correct route. He offers to "relive" exactly those moments and feelings in childhood that, with inevitable accuracy, during one ongoing consultation, change the perception of oneself. This happens for me, the client, unexpectedly, because 10 minutes ago I saw the image of a helpless child retreating into my fantasies, and now I see myself as a girl who plays calmly and is not afraid of a hostile world. The psychologist offers question after question, answering which I can look at myself, at my mother, at childhood, at emotions from different angles. Having trusted and passed this path, working in such a tandem, at the end you get the result that you "ordered" at the beginning of the consultation. I think that this transformation is also the merit of the author's method of Igor Kanifolsky, when the client leads the psychologist into his sensations, emotions, memories, and under strict guidance he realizes in a new way and, as it were, rewrites his past, heals his traumas. The very next day after the consultation, I resolved two work situations differently than usual, emerging from the vicious circle of the pattern of childhood emotions. Thank you, Igor Borisovich! N

I respect Igor Borisovich immensely for his experience, talent as a teacher and practice, for sooooo vast knowledge in the fields of studying the soul)

Katya, St. Petersburg, 2018

I wrote personally to Igor Borisovich and I want to repeat my words of gratitude here
for cordiality, warmth, sincerity of participation and professional Art.
I was not only surprised and happy about the processes that take place in me,
but also simply admired the virtuosity of the Master, who revealed himself to me! : 0) Pugi Pugovkin, St. Petersburg, 2018

Now I know for sure - it is possible to work out a trauma 100%.
For this, there must be a resource, a working technique, space and a psychotherapist.

It seems to me that any specialist who heals the soul should attend this seminar🌿
Igor - Master🙏🏻

I got a lot more than I thought.
You know, such a quiet happiness😌

Julia, Kiev, 2018

An acquaintance with a new approach, with a new master, with a new self took place.
A high level of skill, structuredness, informational generosity ... I think this is a must have for a training specialist.
Surprised that it was fun. In some amazing way, Igor Kanifolskiy was able to present information about work with trauma with light, intelligent humor.

Zoryana, Kryvyi Rih, 2018

Hello ! This review has matured after a year of active and fruitful work. I studied (and received therapy) with Igor Borisovich in December 2015 and May 2016. Throughout the year, I used what I received in my consulting practice, in face-to-face work and work on Skype. And here's what I can say: this is the most effective technique I know. It is clear that I use not only this technique in my work, but I can say that in working with trauma, in working with deep childhood experiences, in many cases it is precisely THAT that is most effective, since it addresses bodily experiences in a complex manner. For me personally, the clarity and harmony of the approach is most attractive in communicating with clients, in efficiency. Thank you! Elena.


Igor, I want to thank you for the seminar "The body as a map of a personal history. The practice of working with the body in integrative psychotherapy", all the knowledge was very useful. There is more understanding of how to help clients work with negative experiences, live them and transform them into something resourceful and positive. The customer experience was very useful, showed how it works and what results are possible. There really is a liberation from some very created fetters. The state is very calm, confident, more understanding and meaning. Thank you! Daria.



Igor, I want to thank you. I really enjoyed my work, I am open to new things thanks to you and it inspires! Very glad to meet you! Eugene.


Thank you for the uniqueness, for the sincerity and authenticity, for the spontaneity. Olesya.


... With your help, I turned my face to native shamanism and much, much more. Elena, Yakutsk, Yakutia.


one hundred%. Everything is fine: awareness practice, therapeutic work, practical exercises. Elena, Samara.


I liked everything very much! Especially the attitude of the teacher, the desire to share knowledge, effective work in a group. Thank you very much! Maya, Krasnoyarsk.


I thank Igor Borisovich for his professional work, sincerity and comfort. Awareness of life situations turned out to be very useful, it is a vital process. Natalia, St. Petersburg.


Very informative and practical. I would like to do more. Good luck in all your endeavors to the Institute and Igor Borisovich! Svetlana, Bratsk.


Thank you for the opportunity to watch the master!


Everything is very cool, highly professional and very friendly. A useful theoretical part and a lot of practice. Everything is super! Irina, St. Petersburg.


Everything is alright. From the seminar I brought out for myself "belief in the body", its significance. I would like more! I was convinced that it was not in vain that so much is being said about Imaton.

Svetlana, Saint Petersburg (06.04.2016)


Thank you for the large amount of practice at the workshop.

Vyacheslav, Cheboksary (06.04.2016)



Thank you very much! All information is applicable in practice. The material is new and useful.

Dinara, Izhevsk (06.04.2016)



Thanks to Igor Borisovich! Everything in the seminar turned out to be useful and necessary for me.

Julia, Tver (06.04.2016)




Everything was wonderful. I got acquainted with the new method and its author. I want to express my deep gratitude to Igor Borisovich for his professionalism, ability to inspire hope and heal simply by his presence. Olga, St. Petersburg.


200% satisfied with the seminar. Very cool! Super! I liked it very much!


Received both practical skills and their theoretical basis. Thank you!


The best seminar this year !!! (and I was 7). Clearly, meaningfully, everything on the topic. New vision and awareness in THAT, although my experience in this issue since 2010. Thank you !!! Tatiana, Soligorsk, Belarus (03.12.2016).


I am very pleased with the seminar! Working in a group and in pairs was useful for me. Igor Borisovich is extraordinary: psychologist, trainer, specialist and person. Thank you very much!


Everything is useful. Practice 100%. Monitoring therapy 100%. Theory is 100%. Everything is great! Rosin is a genius! Elena, St. Petersburg.


Interesting presentation of the material, new techniques, practical part. Fine! Thank you!

Marina, Furmanov (03.12.2016)



The seminar is excellent, I want to note its content and the mastery of the presenter. Practical examples as well as working techniques were useful. Loved the atmosphere. Thank you and every success! Low bow to Igor Borisovich!

Seminar participant (16.11.2015)


The workshop is excellent. I liked the practical part very much, especially the work in pairs. Thanks Igor!

Seminar participant (16.11.2015)

The personality of the trainer was the main factor in the success of the workshop! Igor Borisovich is a real master!

Seminar participant (09/29/2012)

I liked the method, trainer, seminar very much. I liked the demo sessions, the state of the presenter, which he broadcast to the participants. Thank you!

Seminar participant (09/29/2012)

The result exceeded my expectations! I would like to express my deep gratitude to the teacher and the Institute for their work!

Seminar participant (09/29/2012)

High professional level in combination of theoretical and practical parts of the seminar.

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

The information is new to me. And the style of presentation of Igor Borisovich allowed me to easily accept, understand the topic of the seminar. For me, the most useful were practical exercises and comments on what was happening, the openness and competence of Igor Borisovich as a psychotherapist, his help in resolving his own problems. THANK YOU!

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

A very important seminar for the work of a psychotherapist. I liked both the theoretical and practical block; systemic material supply; high level of professionalism of the presenter. Many thanks to Igor Borisovich Kanifolsky for the opportunity to observe the work of the Master and learn from him. O. M.

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

During the seminar, in addition to the work of the trainer, internal processes were launched, doubling the result. Especially useful for me is the experience gained as a guide for myself in solving problems. What can be done better? Certainly something can be done better in general, always, but in this situation I cannot imagine what. Thank you for being there!

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

I received many times more than stated in the description of the seminar. The presented integrative scheme, and demonstrations, and client experience turned out to be very interesting - real "food" for the mind. The work made me think and re-evaluate many semantic things. I literally feel a leap in my development. Thank you!

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

The workshop even exceeded expectations. Despite the time constraints, the teacher found an opportunity to pay attention to everyone. A successful combination of theory and practice, comprehensive information. It couldn't be better. Thank you!!!

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

I lacked structured knowledge, and the most rewarding during the workshop was self-exploration and self-study. Thank you very much for the opportunity, with your help, to advance along this interesting but difficult road of life.

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

The most useful thing in the seminar was the practice - I would like it to be more.

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

During the seminar, I got exactly what I wanted. My expectations were fully met. You can feel an individual approach to yourself and to others. The material is presented flexibly and easily, even with humor. Everything is very interesting and great! Thanks everyone! Hope for further meetings!

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)

The seminar was held at a very high professional level. Igor Borisovich is a master of his own unique method and a very good teacher. I gained personal experience of therapy and was amazed at the simplicity of the method and its effectiveness. As you know, everything ingenious is simple. Many thanks to Igor Borisovich for his unique method and professionalism. Ilona.

Seminar participant (30.01.2012)



100% for the seminar. Everything is useful - practice, practice in pairs and triplets, demonstrations. Thank you. Daria


Thanks for the information, very interesting and helpful. Of course, face-to-face training would be more productive, but this format also worked out well. I recommend it to colleagues and students. Natalia, Saratov


Many thanks to the host and organizer of the webinar! I liked the methodical and high-quality presentation of the theoretical material, which harmoniously blended into my professional concepts and structures of the gestalt therapist. Case cases were an excellent addition to the theoretical material. Attendance at the live session was also an important experience. Good luck, health, good luck to Igor Borisovich and all participants of the webinar! Alla, Almaty.


Thank you, Igor Borisovich! It was a very useful training: I repeated the basics of psychological counseling and received new material about trauma and an algorithm for working with it. I liked the detailed discussion of the topic of potential inherent in trauma. I would like to wish more of these programs! This was already my second webinar in Imaton this year, it's great to get professional knowledge in this way !! Thank you! Evgeniya, Almaty.


I liked the webinar very much. I am a beginner psychologist and I am glad to get acquainted with such a holistic system. And the main thing is that the focus is on finding developmental potential. Many thanks to Igor Borisovich and all participants of the webinar! Larissa, Daugavpils.


Many thanks to the expansion of consciousness, the acquisition of experience. This is all possible within the framework of the webinar! You Igor Borisovich has a very extensive program of seminars, I would like more webinars on other topics. Yana, Krasnodar


Wonderful three days spent at the webinar with Igor Borisovich! A wonderful presentation of a complex topic. In-depth knowledge and techniques were presented in an accessible, interesting and very informative way. There is something to work with and something to improve on. Special thanks to "Imaton" for the materials provided and the information received on time. Igor Borisovich, you are great!

Olesya, Sochi (20.10.2016)

A webinar as a form of training is very successful for keeping oneself in shape and having limited mobility. Igor Borisovich is an excellent teacher for me, since he combines medical academic knowledge with a large amount of knowledge in various other areas, including spiritual ones. The presentation of the material is so competent and accessible that there is a unique opportunity, even with online training, to work on your requests in parallel and immediately apply the knowledge system in practice. Bravo, maestro!

Polina, Vladimir (20.10.2016)

The webinar was very useful and exceeded all my expectations! The webinar format was lively and efficient. Many thanks to Igor Borisovich!

Elena, Serov (16.07.2016)

Thank you very much for the valuable webinar! Today I could not actively participate, I listened in fragments, I will definitely listen to it in the recording and will apply it in practice. I liked everything very much!

Tatiana, Barcelona (16.07.2016)

Dear Igor Borisovich, thank you very much for the clear and systematic method of working with trauma. I will definitely try to use it in my work. Special thanks for the professional awareness and generosity in presenting the material. Webinar satisfaction - 100%. Many thanks to Imaton for quality management and the opportunity to study remotely.

Marina, Sevastopol (16.07.2016)


Igor Borisovich, thank you for the consistency of the concept itself and the structured presentation of the material. For myself, I concluded that the technique can in one form or another work not only in requests for injuries, and this is also very valuable. I have enriched my experience, the expected result has been achieved.

Margarita, Kemerovo (16.07.2016)

Thank you very much, Igor Borisovich. The webinar was very interesting. I liked the systematic presentation of the material. Cases of therapeutic cases, consultation and discussion of spiritual dzogchen practices were very useful.

Tatiana, St. Petersburg (16.07.2016)

Dear IMATON employees, thank you very much for the seminar! I studied in this format for the first time, and did not regret it. The content of the seminar was satisfying. I do not work as a consultant and do not plan yet. Therefore, communication, albeit in absentia, with such an interesting person and qualified specialist was especially valuable for me. Continuing my message, I would like to once again thank the organizers of the seminar and Igor Borisovich, as well as the participants of the seminar and Alexander. From personal results - obtaining additional confirmation of their ideas about the effectiveness of the system approach. The index of mindfulness increased, and the general condition was optimized. Thank you! Good luck!

Irina, Yoshkar-Ola (16.07.2016)

Informative, structural, practical, simple. The host is experienced and meaningful. Thank you! Good luck!

Evgeniya, St. Petersburg (20.03.2017)

Great seminar. A rewarding personal experience.

Dmitry, Krasnoyarsk (19.12.2016)

Lots of exercises and demo sessions. I got more than I expected.

Seminar participant (29.08.2016)

The exercises and demonstration sessions were most useful in the workshop.

Seminar participant (07.07.2016)

I have enriched and renewed my position as a professional and gained a precious experience of living awareness. The seminar is very systematic and constructive. Very useful for the experience was a stable author's position, combined with flexibility. Thanks to Igor Borisovich for the valuable experience!

Seminar participant (06.10.2014)


I really enjoyed the seminar! Thanks to Igor Borisovich!

Seminar participant (09.11.2013)

The most interesting thing is the discussion, the experience of participating in the group and, of course, the methodological content of the seminar! Everything that is stated in the program has been fully worked out!

Seminar participant (09.11.2013)

I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and religion. It is very pleasant that over the years the Institute has been providing more and more quality services!

Seminar participant (18.06.2012)

Many thanks to Igor Borisovich for expanded awareness and spiritual improvement. The application of Tibetan philosophy to therapy was particularly interesting.

Seminar participant (18.06.2012)


Everything is super! It is difficult to single out one thing, everything is very important and useful!

Natalia, Korsakov (10.06.2017)

100% The objectives of the seminar have been achieved! It became useful: the position of the leader, methodology, a lot of practice. I was pleased with the attentiveness and goodwill of the staff of the institute. Sincere thanks to Igor Borisovich and "Imaton" for the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practice. I really enjoyed it!

Erica, St. Petersburg (10.06.2017)

I liked the seminar very much, the high professionalism of the teacher. The material is structured, the presentation is professional! Thank you!

Tatiana, Shakhty (10.06.2017)

Everything was great! Most important: the experience of the facilitator. Thank you!

Maria, St. Petersburg (10.06.2017)

All my expectations from the seminar are fully satisfied. Thank you very much!

Elena, Kurgan (17.11.2016)

The seminar is just that! I liked the holistic approach to therapy very much. A good teacher who communicates his knowledge very clearly, really with love.

Lyudmila, St. Petersburg (17.11.2016)

I went with a definite intention - to get the tools and the system for conducting the session.
I am very pleased with the content of the seminar, its structure. My picture of the world expanded, I got an idea of ​​the philosophy of the work of a psychologist from ignorance to research.

Varvara, Syktyvkar (11/17/2016)

Wonderful seminar, I liked everything! It was very important to get practical skills, my personal requests were worked out.

Kira, St. Petersburg (17.11.2016)

Everything was great, very pleased with the result. I am completely satisfied with the answers to ALL my inquiries. It is very important that a psychological counseling scheme is given at the seminar.

Dmitry, St. Petersburg (17.11.2016)

The seminar became a meeting with a high-level professional. I am 100% satisfied with both theory and practice!

Elena, Zarechny (17.11.2016)


The workshop was very helpful; received comprehensive information on the structure of consulting, issues of interaction with clients. I learned the main thesis - non-interference, following the client.

Oksana, Volgograd (17.11.2016)

All my requests have been implemented. I will recommend this course to my colleagues! I am very grateful to Igor Borisovich for the secrets of HIS skill, for his generosity and desire to help us in understanding our feelings.

Olga, Raduzhny (21.06.2016)

Very interesting, informative, new! I began to pay attention to my bodily sensations, learned a new method of working. Thanks to Igor Kanifolsky for his careful attitude to each participant of the seminar, for training and therapy. I gained confidence in my professional skills!

Irina, Narva (21.06.2016)

The content of the seminar is fully consistent with the stated topic, all the main sections of the program were worked out. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the IMATON Institute and personally to Igor Borisovich Kanifolsky for new knowledge, for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally!

Elena, Shadrinsk (21.06.2016)


The seminar was liked by the structured method of psychological counseling.

Ekaterina, Aksai (13.01.2016)

I am delighted! Everything is useful and new! Thank you! The workshop turned out to be useful topics about the algorithm of counseling and body-oriented therapy techniques.

Yana, Kirov (13.01.2016)

The personal and professional experience of the presenter was most useful during the seminar. Thank you!

Hope, Germany (13.01.2016)

All aspects of the program have been worked out and reviewed. Your personal needs are satisfied.
Most helpful for me:
1) the consulting system as a whole;
2) elaboration of your request;
3) reintegration of experience.
Thank you!

Seminar participant (09.12.2014)

The content fully met my expectations. The most useful algorithm for me was the work algorithm that can be used in practice. I learned new techniques and methods of work. Thank you!

Seminar participant (09.12.2014)


I am very pleased and grateful to Igor for the warm atmosphere, the knowledge and experience transferred, attention and sensitivity. I will introduce new approaches to my activities. Thank you!

Seminar participant (06.07.2014)

100% fun! And it is true!
The most useful for me was the algorithm for working on the telescope, as well as other approaches (art therapy, psychodrama). Thanks to the coach!

Seminar participant (06.07.2014)

I received great pleasure, valuable information for professional and personal growth. The most useful was: the optimal combination of theory and practice, the openness of the group members, the generosity of the master in passing on his professional secrets. Thanks to Igor Borisovich!

Seminar participant (06.07.2014)

Practical exercises and the professionalism of the presenter were the key! I am very glad to participate in this particular seminar. Special thanks to Igor Borisovich for his kindness and knowledge!

Seminar participant (27.01.2014)

During the seminar, both the theoretical foundations of the author's approach and the secrets of professional skill were revealed. Thanks to Igor Borisovich for the useful experience!

Seminar participant (27.01.2014)


The harmonious system of counseling, the intensity of the process, the variety of practical exercises - all this was very pleasing. Thank you!

Seminar participant (27.01.2014)

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