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Your every problem or dream is your potential that can be opened in Awareness Therapy.


I greet you!

My name is Igor Kanifolsky. I live and work in Kyiv.

I am a psychotherapist, teacher and researcher of psychotherapy, author of Awareness Therapy.

My training includes studying medicine at the Military Medical Academy, and, in the process, and in the future - the studying of different areas of psychotherapy, psychological counseling and coaching - from V.M. Bekhterev 's classical hypnosis school, E.I. Zuyev's BEST system, NLP in presentation by Marilyn Atkinson, through the humanistic approach of Carl Rogers, analytical psychology of Carl Jung, gestalt and free systemic constellations to coaching by John Whitmore, Timothy Golvey's "Inner game", as well as philosophical systems and spiritual practices, the peak of which seems to me to be the doctrine of Great Perfection - Dzogchen - in the transmission of one from the founders of Tibetan Buddhism - Guru Padmasambhava - and his modern followers.

Awareness therapy highlights the essence of all of the above for your benefit.

 You can also look at Awareness Therapy books in English here.


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Thank you!

The most direct path to any goal is through awareness.

Through deep and luminous awareness that is the basis of everything. It leads to liberation from symptoms, obstacles and problems, and then to precise and clear thoughts, words and actions, which will be a manifestation of your freedom to do the good that you want. This is the path we offer you in Awareness Therapy.

Contact, I will be glad to be of service to you!

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