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Awareness Painting

For the first time I "planted the image on the canvas" after the Initiation - "Entry into the gates of tantra" - from a modern teacher of Tibetan Buddhism Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. And it seems to me that a certain trace of that Initiation can be traced in my paintings. I think they convey a state of awareness.

DSC_0030печать (1)+.jpg

"Fabric of the World", oil on canvas 40x80. Inspiration from Borges' short story "The Letters of God". An Indian priest, tormented by hatred for the conquistador who destroyed his country, and by a desire to take revenge on him, deciphers the writings of God on the skin of a jaguar. And at the same moment he understands that the whole world is a fabric in which he is one thread, the jaguar is another, and the conquistador is the third ... And the feeling of hatred leaves him.


"Autumn Pond", oil on canvas 35x50. Inspiration from the pond, which was located where the Initiation took place.


"Lucky streak", c, acrylic, 40x60. Inspiration from the sun that hit the window early in the morning. 


"Sunflower", oil on canvas 18x24. Fertility symbol.

Богатство и бедность.jpg

"Wealth and Poverty", oil on canvas 40x40. Unity of opposites. 

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